Sep 25
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The library is the best place.

The library has a great assortment.

It has sports books, and science books

And fiction and nonfiction books

It’s welcoming.
Except for the banned book section.

It is to be taken away from the library.

The school librarian gives me a bookmark when I walk in.

Stand up for yourself. 

It reads.

Read a banned book today.

I clutch the book mark close to my chest, and glance over to the librarian.

She gives me a warm smile, and waves me over to the banned book section. 

I will read a banned book today. 

I breathe in, breathe out.

Walking over to the banned books,

I notice something changing inside of me.

I am standing up for myself, and breaking a rule,

For my right to read what I want.

Defending the first amendment,

I select a book off the shelf. 

I open the first page…

-Ruby Hoffman
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