Sep 25
essay challenge: Hundred
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I finally did it! I made it! Wait, you don’t know what I am talking about. Right. Well, I am ready to tell you if you want me too though. Wait, you don’t get to have a choice, you are listening to me no matter what. Anyways, this all started 44 days into summer vacation. When my cousin, Natalie, and I were bored out of our minds. 

    We had already accomplished everything we wanted to do on our summer vacation bucket list. Going to the beach, swimming at night, eating smores when we had campfires, staying up all night, binge watching Netflix shows and movies, going to amusement parks and water parks, etc. Yes, we finished our summer vacation bucket list in less than 44 days. Anyways, Natalie and I would complain about how boring summer was getting and that we are tired of just sitting there on the couches almost everyday now. Someone was also getting tired too. Uncle Thomas, Natalie’s dad. He was so tired of our complaining. He would roll his eyes at us everytime we opened our mouths, even if it was about complaining. 

Until one day, he had this idea. The idea of the two of us, Natalie and I, going on a week-long journey together. Just the two of us. All by ourselves. His idea was that we would start here, in Bradford, VT, and end up in Manchester, NH, where our grandparents lived. He wanted us to walk the whole way. No cars, no buses, well basically no transportation involved. We’ll have to pack a light bad and a bag filled with stuff. We can have 200 dollars each, three sets of clothes, water, snacks, a charger, and our phones. We’ll walk until we get to our aunt’s house, which is in Enfield, NH. Stop by there and rest for one or two days and then head back onto the journey. Continue the journey until we get to Warner, NH and stay at a family’s friend’s house for the night. Head to Weare, NH, spend the night there, and then head to our destination, Manchester. Natalie and I were down. My parents had approved of the idea too. Uncle Thomas had said something about how he and my parents would check up on us each night of the journey. Also the day before we are supposed to get to Manchester, they’ll head down together in a car to my grandparent’s house to meet us there. I was so down for this. 

On day 1, my legs hurt so bad! I didn’t think I could do this anymore but I was committed to it though. We saw a bunch of cool things. We took pictures of every cool thing we saw and pictures of us. I was just glad we could rest for one or two days there at our aunt’s house. On day 2, we rest the whole day. On day 3, we left her house in the morning and continued our journey. Feet getting blisters already and more. On day 4, we were at our family’s friend’s house. Iced our feet and rested a lot more. On day 5, we couldn’t walk anymore. Legs so tired and feet hurting so bad. We didn’t think we would make it to Weare NH. On day 6, we were heading to Manchester. We were almost there. Our parents had already texted us saying they got to our grandparent’s house already. We couldn’t walk anymore but we encouraged each other to keep going, which we did. So, on day 7, we were at our grandparent’s house! Happy to see our family. Showing them the pictures we took, telling them about how it was, and everything. We got foot massages for the longest time and iced our feets for the longest time too. We were just glad we made it here alive and had not given up. 

So, that was my cousin and I’s journey. Our 100 mile journey. We did it! I am proud of the two of us. One thing I know I had fun doing was bonding with her and making memories with her on this. But, also one other thing I sure do know is that, I am not doing this ever again. Never! 

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