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nonfiction challenge: Hundred
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The 100

Ask me four months ago if the end of the world was a silly idea and I would have answered you of course it is, now it's not so out of reach. It was a normal school day when the earthquake hit. In California we’re used to earthquakes, not that one though. The school loudspeakers announced to us to start the normal earthquake procedure at around noon. No one was concerned and post people were goofing off. You could hear the younger kids screaming and being overdramatic, normal things. As soon as I sat underneath my desk I started to hear creaking and you could feel the extreme shaking. Suddenly everyone was almost silent, shocked that it was only getting worse. Quickly I messaged my family and asked them how they were doing. As soon as I felt the vibration of my phone I began to pull it out of my pocket and then I heard a massive crash and screams. “Holy cr*p the building is coming down” I heard. Before I could even consider what was happening materials started crashing down around me. I got a glimpse of the sky as I watched the roof come down. I felt an intense amount of pressure hit my leg that wasn’t hidden under my desk and I yelled out. After the scariest twenty minutes of my life I climbed through all the rubble and could barely breathe from all the dust. 
Flash forward a day me and a group of other survivors are starting our journey to get out of California, where the earthquake hit the worst killing almost 75% of the population some say. I still haven't managed to wrap my head around the damage too many things flooded my head with thought. Is my family ok? Can we actually make it out of Cali? What other disasters could come? My left leg got a lot of damage but not enough to prohibit me from walking so I decided to go on this journey which we called “the 100 out of Cali” My worn feet trek along in my very scuffed up sandals I managed to find in a pie of ruin. There's rumors that gangs have grouped up in spots of california and basically rule the area they claimed until a bigger force comes to stop them.  I would think military or first responders would be here by now but surprisingly we haven't seen a single one, weird. We’re about 9 hours into our estimated 30  hour trip when we stop for sleep. I can barely make out “Bakersfield CA '' sign as we walk along the rubble pile of a highway. I remember coming here with my school last year. It was so different. I remember the busy roads and the sidewalks filled with people. Now I can only make out the giant bakersfield sign that's not surprisingly been knocked down. After sleep and another long day of walking I make out a large group of people. As we come closer I can tell it's not a danger but it's our destination. From here the earthquake damage is supposed to be pretty much none but as I make my way over the top of the hill my hope suddenly drops to zero. 

All this walking through the destruction and this is it? I can see Miles and miles of the same piles of rubble. I can't imagine the number of casualties. Everyone is huddled around a radio that seems to be broadcasting something. Through the static I can make out things like flooding, wildfires, tsunamis, tornados, any natural disaster you can think of. How is this even possible? Why now? Everyone's smiles fade as the voice goes on. There is no safe place, It seems as if our world is now just anarchy and destruction   

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