Sep 27
poem 2 comments challenge: CJP-Fire

There’s a house on fire

There’s a house on fire,
But we won’t call 911.
We’ll let it burn away,
“Soon enough, it will be done!”

Our neighbors are in danger,
But they can fend for themselves.
“Everything is perfectly fine!”
So the White House yells. 

They say it’s not a big deal,
“It’s on the other coast.”
But red light streams through my window,
And that is not a boast.

Fifty years under study,
And now this red-ish tint.
We’ve ignored it for so long,
Why can’t we take a hint?

It’s safe to finally state:
We’re in the midst of a blight.
And I think it’s time that we admit,
That Greta was always right.