Sep 28

Anthology 11

About Anthology 11

Every year, Young Writers Project publishes an annual anthology of the finest writing, art, and photography submitted to our website, From some 10,000 submissions made from July 2019 to June 2020, YWP editors selected for this edition the works that best reflect the energy, ideas, and talent of these amazing young people. In that sense, this was a year like any other, but then, in March 2020, time split in two — before the coronavirus pandemic, and after — and things have not been the same since. With closed schools and stay-at-home orders, YWP’s writers and artists converged on our website. They shared their stories of hope, despair, and every emotion in between, and supported each other with kindness and empathy. More than at any other time since our organization began in 2006, we saw that Young Writers Project is not just a creative space but a shared experience – a real community – and we hope that spirit shines through in this book.
Special thanks to the George W. Mergens Foundation who made publication of this book possible!
About the Author: YWP
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