Sep 28
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Maze of Golden Leaves

It is a huge and infinite maze, I thought to myself. I’ve been stuck here for a whole week now, and the closest I’ve been to the exit of this giant maze was a week ago when I got thrown in here. It was a cold Autumn day, golden leaves scattered out on the ground. I stepped on each one of them, and when my foot touched the last leaf, it teleported me… To this NEVER-ENDING MAZE OF LEAVES. It was called “The Maze of Golden Leaves”. For the past week I’ve been trying to find the exit, only to find giant spiders, sharks, and poisonous plants. I barely escaped each of the challenges, only to find myself in more and more dangerous tasks. The exit is definitely guarded by something dangerous, I thought to myself, and this is where things got interesting. I started searching for the dangerous objects. I found more sharks, more tarantulas, more plants, and more snakes. I kept searching because I knew the exit won’t be guarded by some random Earth animal. It was day 16 when I finally found the exit. You’d think it's great news, I can finally get out of there. But what about the Hydra (nine headed dragon, NINE HEADED, each with a different power) I was going to face. I saw its enormous teeth, its two giant wings, and its fiery stare. I slowly approached it, and slipped past its heads. I sprinted as fast as I could towards the exit, while the Hydra’s heads came towards me at enormous speed. I reached the exit just in time when the Hydra tore a part of my clothes off. I AM FREE!