Sep 29
fiction challenge: Sunset
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As I get home from the long walk to my friends house, I walk up the driveway to my house and I see my dog, Charlie, staring at me with his warm brown eyes. I walk up close to him. He starts to smile and slowly walks towards me, he walks up and leans against me as he waits for me to pet him. As I walk the rest of the way to the door, I see that the sun is slowly drifting downwards to the ground. 

“How was your day, sweetheart,” My grandmother says as I enter the living room.

“It was a lot of fun, we went down to the river and had a sand castle build off, I think he won though so then we just played video games and had lunch. Then I went home,” I replied as I went down the hallway then up the stairs to my room. When I entered the upstairs I heard my sister say “well hello person,” we have this thing where we would say People or Person instead of the person's actual name. 

“Hello,”I say. “Where is mom, do you know?” 

“Nope,” she says. I then enter my room, it's a mess like normal so I step over everything and climb on my bed. When I look out the window and see my mom in the garden picking tomatoes, as I look out the window I see the sun drifting down with a beautiful purplish orange color, when I go outside I see my mom on the swing and I join her to watch the sun go down.

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