Sep 30
poem challenge: Banning

Because You Are Selfish

The Witch of Blackbird Pond, banned.
Because they didn’t agree with you?
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, banned.
Because you didn’t like what they said?
The Handmaid’s Tale, banned.
Because you wanted to dictate our information,
manipulating us to only believe in your ideas
and block out all others?
Fahrenheit 451, banned.
Because you knew that if they spoke,
others would turn against you?
The Great Gatsby, banned.
Because you want others to believe another way?

Tiger Eyes, banned.
Because they weren’t suitable for you
or your young child?
The Hunger Games, banned.
Because you deem it inappropriate?
The Giver, banned.
Because you don’t want your child to start reading
something that you didn’t like?
And Tango Makes Three, banned.
Because you don’t think LGBTQ people
do not deserve the right to express their ideas?
To Kill a Mockingbird, banned.
Because you don’t think black men and women
deserve the right to use their voices?
Invisible Man, banned.
Because you don’t want your children
to hear those voices?
Bridge to Terabithia, banned.
Because you don’t want your child to have an open mind
or for them to understand these different ideas?

Because the words, “Let us dare to read speak think and write”
mean nothing to you?
Because you don’t like it?
Because you don’t think about all the others
who wish to read that book?
Because you don’t think about the authors
that spent all their time and effort to put one word down after another?
Because you don’t understand the words between the pages,
the black ink on the white paper?
Because you fear what you don’t understand?

Because you…
Because you are selfish?
And cruel?
And insensitive?
And thoughtless,

Who are you, to shun an author’s work?
Who are you, to control the ideas others expressed?
Who are you, to question the freedom our Founding Fathers gave us?
Who are you, but a selfish person criticizing another person’s effort?