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Daily Life of a Cat

Daily life of a cat

I sit by the window, looking out at the unknown 

I wonder what is going on out there 

I see tasty looking birds flying to the feeder and grabbing some food 

I'm not thinking about the bird's food though. I'm thinking about the bird 

Why can't I be out there with the birds and squirrels and bunnies? 

I start to feel sleepy

The sound of my owner's keyboard mixed with

 the hum of his computer are lulling me to sleep 

I love being a cat 

I don't have any responsibilities

no chores

no people telling me to "go clean your room!" 

Whatever that means

I stand up and walk to my owner 

I nudge my head against him and meow 

He pets me so I start briskly walking 

towards the front door

My owner follows 

"What do you want?" he says

I scratch on the door and meow 

My owner says "oh, that's what you want!"

 He picks me up and brings me back to the window

 Mission failed

 I settle down at the window for a while 

I decide to take a nap

When I wake up, I feel like I haven't eaten in days! 

I get up and walk to the closet with the food

I meow

My owner comes

And says

"What do you want?"

I scratch on the door and meow

He says "oh, that's what you want"

He picks me up and brings me back to the window

Mission failed
A few hours later, school is over

I wake up tired and wanting attention

I see my owner reading on the couch

I walk over and meow

He says "What do you want?"

I jump up 

He says "oh, that's what you want"

I lay down

Mission Accomplished
Sleepy and fluffy

The cat sits in the window

Watching the outdoors

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