Oct 05


As she lifts her leg to twirl the sun swims into her eyes, glistening like stars in platinum, she takes off into a pirouette. Snapping her neck at every spot. Her toes laid flat and firm on the glossy wooden floor while whirling. Beads of sweat sprung from her forehead as she tried to push herself to do more. “I can do this!” she demands tightening her abs and using her pain as fuel to go on. All alone in the ballet studio, she finishes off her last twirl with a leap. “I did it! I finally did it,” she exclaimed. By taking the back of her hand she wiped the moisture off her forehead and exhaled in relief. As she glanced in the mirror she eyed her toned arms and legs, she’d been practicing for several months now. While she stood in front of the mirror the sun bathed her bronze skin with its rays and the coils in her bun began to spring out. “That’s enough for today,” she uttered in exhaustion.
About the Author: shenneljolly
“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”— Anne Frank