Oct 09
fiction challenge: Trunk

The Fairy's Treasure

One day, Ellie and I went on a hike when we saw the corner of a trunk. Since we did not have anything to dig with, we went back to the tree house and got shovels to dig it out. Then, when we finally got it out, it started shaking and then it BURST open so hard, we both fell over! 

There standing or floating in front of us were two magic baubles. 

Ellie asked, “What are they?”

 I said, “They are power baubles.”

 I knew what they were because I LOVE smurf comics! Then she noticed something else was in there and it turned out that it was an envelope and it said, ”T map leads to the fairy cave and these baubles should help you on your way.”  Then the envelope turned to dust and showed that a map was inside. 

I called Ellie, but of course she was playing with the power baubles. So I grabbed Ellie and we went into the forest, with the baubles following us. We were walking for about half an hour when we met our first challenge. It said there should be some sort of medium sized org there. 

But Ellie said, “We don’t have any weapons for fighting.” We looked for sticks but found some old tools. 

Ellie asked “Can we use those?” Then we heard a stomp, stomp, stomp. 

“Who dares wake my slumber?” the org asked.

 I told Ellie “I think the org’s weakness is noise.” 

Ellie grabbed the tools and started banging the stump like a drum. The org’s ears hurt so much that he ran away. Then we noticed the bridge was destroyed but I had an idea.  

Ellie asked,” What do we do now?” 

I said, “We can use the power baubles to help us jump over.” Then with the power of the baubles, we both jumped ,but we fell and a stream broke our fall. In the  crevice there was no sign of the org but there was a dim glow throm a small cave. It was a fairy cave!  When the fairies asked for the map, I asked “Why?” They turned it around and there was a powerful potion recipe! Then with the snap of her fingers the lead fairy sent us home.

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