Oct 11

Amongst the Willows

A chilly day in October,
a brisk wind blows,
and I linger by a small bunch of willows.

I stare at the green and sandy yellow leaves
cascading around the sides. 
I marvel at the strong,
hearty trunks. 

How beautiful they are,
how magnificent.
Doesn't it seem like there must be something else,
lurking amidst the creeping branches? 
Hiding in the hollows of the emerging,
milky brown roots? 
Could there truly be something,
watching from afar,
amongst the willows? 

if only I could see,
if only I could hear,
whatever lies beyond,
perhaps behind,
these great beings. 

If only I could find out,
what is awaiting my arrival,
amongst the willows. 

Many times I hope,
I dream,
of retrieving the answer
to my question.
The answer to my pondering. 

Whatever could possibly live,
possibly thrive,
amongst the willows?