Oct 15
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Between Two Points

After I cried, 
I felt clean. 

Chocolate stained teeth and puffy eyes, 
I had taken my medicine. 

The smallness in my heart is big sometimes; 
its flowers are more like fireworks. 

The books I read echo,
The words I write crumble,
under the sheer weight of a beautiful sunrise. 

“Do something pretty while you can
 Don't fall asleep
Driving from California to new york”*

I turned the heat up, 
Until I sweated my flame.  

To lie on the soft rug sweating and glorious.  
To watch the leaves fall and land.
To read Camus and picture passion. 

It’s an image really, 
if life comes to nothing. 

*Lyrics from Belle and Sebastian’s song, We Rule The School.