Oct 18

Wishing you well from "quarantine"

Art has been my greatest companion. Therapy helps. It does. Incredible how Ellen stays sane during these times. And incredible that she stays sane any time. Humans are amazing. My walks to the mailbox are filled with anticipation. Today the sun was hitting the golden letters on our mailbox. Warm today. Sometimes even late fall can feel so warm and comforting. On the walk back to the house I saw a raspberry branch dance. It swayed head and arms up and then went back to dormancy. I’ve started compiling these four-page booklets –– personal zines really –– a mixture of visual and literary reflection. This one’s cover is a watercolor of a fenced-in suburban backyard. Have you ever been to Marblehead, Massachusetts? It’s a beautiful place, especially in the summer. You can kind of say that about most of New England: beautiful place, especially in the summer. Sometimes when writing poetry or rants (like this one), I make grammatical errors. I don’t like to fix them though. I think that mistakes help to capture the moment when I wrote the thing –– and that makes it stronger. Toni Morrison helped me feel good about that decision. 

I have a magic stone which I wear around my neck every day. It symbolizes synchronicity with those whom I love. To those: I love you all. I send my best. I’m thinking of you.

About the Author: Eloise Silver Van Meter
Author has not loved anything.


Dear Future Self

Hey, you.
How's it going?

Mid-fall is one of my favorite times of year,
when the leaves
are stil deciding what to wear to winter prom,
and it's crisp and cold 
but that just makes you enjoy it even more when it does get warm.
I am not that excited for the many, many, moths of winter 
that seem to go on forever