Oct 19

i only chew bubblegum:

I run on energy drinks 
and loose change 
and an almost empty gas tank 
and there is newspaper 
in my closet 
and empty picture frames on my floor 
and more and more 
I am uninspired by the 
sky above me 
I arrive on time 
to places I don't want to be 
and tell jokes that rub my 
past self 
the wrong way 
and I will light a candle 
for everyone who has 
mispronounced my name 
and then burn my house to the ground 
and it is spite 
that fuels my will to 
and the voice in my head 
that says 
you take yourself 
too seriously 
that slows me down 
and scary movies make me laugh 
and I like it when photos are 
or when telephones
have a curly cord 
i wish i could pull off
red lipstick 
but i was made to wear 
pink gloss 
and smudged mascara 
there is a war 
on the tip of my tongue
resting gently between my teeth 
we're absolutely
full of it