Oct 20

The Girl under the Bridge.

Amanda looked over the railing on the bridge, and saw herself staring back. But no... this wasn't her, it was another girl... under the water... holding a pumpkin bucket, the kind kids have for halloween trick or treating. But no... this wasn't a pumpkin, at least not a regular one. It had horns and black skin, red fire coming through the holes of the face. And no... she wasn't holding it, it was floating. The girl had small wings, leathery and red. And two slightly curved horns. They looked like ivory, the material Amanda's necklace had but it was dark and almost glowing. Amanda saw that the girl's mouth was slightly ajar and had fangs inside. The girl didn't seem to notice Amanda staring into her eyes. Someone walked by Amanda on the bridge and she realized it was her friend Avery. Amanda went over to her and said, "Something is wrong with this bridge..." 

Avery looks over and smiles "Have you never noticed?"

Amanda looks confused. "Noticed what...?" she said with caution.

"This is the veil. The separation between the demons, vampires and other evil being, and us humans and animals."