Oct 20
nonfiction challenge: Seasonal
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I should've worn my other coat

The wind blows through my helmet into my ear. The swift push of the broken bar gets heavier every time like someone’s stuffing hand warmers in it. I rotate my skis and poles, hoping not to get them stuck under the chair. The chair lift leaves a ring of snow on my back. The crystals on my eyelashes melt as I push my goggles onto my face. The sky is darker today, it holds an icy blue color, almost gray. Today is cold and the air holds a gray fog that is pushed around by sharp winds. If I were a white hare I could blend in with the air and the snow. I wish I were inside watching a movie. If I were watching a movie I could curl up in blankets and be as far away from these cold winds as I could. The Winter holidays have already passed, but I can still see the faint glimmer of Christmas lights from miles away. The wind burns my face as I speed down the side of the mountain. I linger down the empty trail carving the snow with my skis. The freshly waxed skis create beautiful smooth carves. I shiver as the wind blows snow into my face. I should’ve worn my other coat. 
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