Oct 20
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Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

By Dylan Botelho

I look out my bedroom window 

At my dad 

Who is snow blowing the yard

He goes back and forth

And the snow blows out 

 The side like a snowy rainbow 

Flying through the sky 
I watch the snow 

hit the ground and disappear 

I look at the tire tracks 

From the snow blower 

And notice grass between the tracks
I open up my window  to yell 

“ Hello!”

And I hear the noise 

As loud as a siren 

So I close the window 

I wait and see the snow 

cover the grass once again

And after watching for quite some time

From my warm room

I walk down the stairs to 

Put on my snow boots and

 A coat, hat,and mittens

To walk outside

 to shovel.
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