Oct 20
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As the weather changes from summer into fall.

I sit in a field surrounded by flowers. 

Feeling the warm summer breeze on my face.

As the kind wind blows gently across the grass.

I watch in amazement as in the field sits a beautiful and bright wildflower.

As it grows each day.

Becoming stronger and bigger. 

Before finally hitting a full grown flower. 

Proud and tall.

Standing out amongst the smaller flowers that surround it. 

But as the days pass and the weather changes

things change

The air grows cold and the wind becomes distant and angry. 

One by one the smaller flowers begin to leave. 

Running from the cold that is ahead. 

Until eventually all that remains is the once tall and proud flower.

Now wilting and shriveled. 

Crying and missing the days of warmth and sunshine.

But all good things must end.

And as the sun sets on the sky.

I say goodbye to the once beautiful and strong flower.

As it gives in to the cold.
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