Oct 21
nonfiction challenge: Seasonal
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Apple Orchard

It was a cold day at the apple orchard. The wind was blowing rapidly as the leaves blew off the trees. The leaves were red, orange, and yellow. The sun was beating down on the trees as people picked the ripe apples. The leaves crunched as you walked on them. The ground was covered in apples. There were honeycrisps, gala apples, red delicious, and much much more. The whooshing show of the wind and the feeling of the wind blowing on your face is calming. You can hear birds chirping and squirrels munching on something they found. The smell of the apple cider donuts make the experience so much better as you pick the juicy apples.The apples can make great apple sauce and so much more delicious foods. Just the thought of biting into a warm apple cider donut and sipping on the cool apple cider is always a treat. But the best part of all is that you get to pick apples with your family.
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