Oct 21

Best Day Ever

The TV is blaring,
a spotlight glaring,
what's the news everyone is sharing?

Another outbreak?
More heartache?
Or did someone just bake,
a new kind of cheesecake?

If the news is bad,
I'm going to be sad.
This virus is driving me mad
and I'd rather eat some shad.

The message I heard came as a suprise,
I swear my eyes grew in size.
This statement must be full of lies
but its spreading fast like on the Bise.

I've waited months for this day,
I only beleived it was hearsay.
Now I can jump and yell horay,
for from now on there will be no dismay.

The Pandemic is over!
The Pandemic is over!
Lets go outside and play Red Rover!

We can hug,
and dance the jitterbug.
It's okay to look smug
touch has become an addicting drug.

There is so much to do,
I don't care if homework's due.
I feel as if this is my cue,
to live life to its fullest.