Oct 22
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A Day in Late Fall

Leaves changing
No longer green no longer soft
From red to yellows their color is ranging 
Slowly falling from the tree aloft 

A cold hard breeze 
The first of many 
So take it with ease 
Enjoy it even though its the warmth you envy

With a drive through town 
You see much to appreciate
The beautiful leaves falling down
The line for apple cider is quite await

A look at the diamond tells you which kids love it above all
They play in the cold all day 
Later they’ll watch their heroes play ball
Hoping to be there someday

A hunter weighing in his deer
A satisfied smile across his face 
When he gets home he’ll have a beer
As he tells the story to his buddies at his place

Young children look at costumes in the store
They get excited for that final October night
When they will get candy galore
And they will all share a little fright

Walking back home you can feel your cheeks redden
Once inside you sit by the fire
You can feel the licks from the wind all of a sudden
Sitting there you fall asleep from tire

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