Oct 22
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Gasping For Clean Air

It's like they don't hear the call for help. 
The crying and weeping,
The pain that's forever seeping. 
All the people with loved ones lost,
The price to pay that comes at way too high a cost.
The scared kids that aren't aloud to have an opinion,
The ones that do but never learned how to listen.
The heat and fires that are spreading.
The Corona Virus that's infecting.
The people that are being told to stay in their yards.
The teachers that are trying so hard.
The protest that must be pushed, 
Attempting to change things while being hushed.
The parents that don't know what to do,
But act so strong for their little ones too.
The things we thought would forever be,
All but a distant memory. 
To many prolems that are growing,
But seem to always continue flowing. 
All the deaths going up by the day,
But never being stopped anyway. 
The government thats pretending to care,
The people that do and don't want to share.
While all of this is going on,
We are told to pay deep attention,
To all the news we don't want to hear.
All the things that've changed the world we know,
Into something we never wanted to show.
Essential workers are key,
To saving us from our misery.
Packages arriving, 
Kindness is thriving.
The world is hitting the power button to begin restarting
But forget about nothing. 
A breath of fresh air is all you'll need,
To realize we will suceed.
We can't stop now of all times,
When we're understanding the mistakes in our lives.
We're starting to realize that this is nothing compared,
To all the mistakes we've had to repair.
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