Oct 23
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The Night

On a cold winter night, when the wind and snow were blowing so hard that you couldn’t see anything, Jake, George and little Simon were staring outside the television room window of their two floor house. Their parents went to a winter festival and left them there with a babysitter. 

“Ok you twerps stop looking out the window and get me something to drink!” their babysitter, Jannet frost, yells at them. Jannet had just broken up with her boyfriend so she was in a rather foul mood. “Hello can you HEAR ME!” 

“Y-yes miss Jann,” Simon says quietly while he stumbles to the kitchen. He comes back with a soda and runs back to his brothers. 

“So when do you think mom and da-” *crash* *bang*
    “What did you little twerps do!” Jannet yelled. But as she finishes her sentence they all hear footsteps. 

“Get under the couch,” Jannet says to the children and herself.  And as soon as they do the door gets kicked down by Burglars. Ten minutes later they leave and Jannet calls the cops they arrive and then soon after the parents arrive. The burglars were never found. 
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