Oct 23
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          Summer is over and fall is upon us. Fall in Vermont is filled with pumpkins carved into shapes of cats, witches, and faces, corn mazes that take all day to travel through. The common sign of fall in Vermont is the red, orange, and yellow leaves covering the trees and eventually the ground. People come from New York, Florida, California just to see these magnificent colors. Vermonters are the lucky ones though they get to experience what foliage is about. First comes the beautiful colors. Then comes when the wind begins to blow harder and the leaves all float down to the ground. Next, comes searching for the perfect one to press in a book. Finally, the funnest part of all is playing in the leaves.
          The rustling of leaves as they are raked into huge piles. Piles that are bigger than you. The wind blowing, making it harder to keep the leaves in the pile. After a while of running through them, over and over again, only to rake them up again. Soon the sun sinking down into the mountains, making chills appear on your arms and legs. You know that it’s time to head inside to warm up next to the fire with a blanket and hot chocolate. Before Thanksgiving comes, Halloween is another way to enjoy some nice warm days outside, carving pumpkins and raking leaves are perfect examples.

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