A Story With No End

A fluffy purple caterpillar glides across Alley Road on Halloween night, always slowing to look at flowers. In its mind, thoughts are swirling around “Soon, the undead will be here soon.” Somewhere, a clock strikes 12, meaning the time has come to terrorize the city.  The caterpillar sees a bucket of cocoa powder fly high into the sky, turning into an undead vulture above the city.  A turquoise orangutan pulls it’s head out of a spinach can  and says in a southern accent, “Ooooh yeah! It's good to be alive again.”

  The caterpillar starts yodeling. All undead rise under the control of the one and only fluffy purple caterpillar. 

“It is now time to terrorise!!!!!!” it yells.

 “Ooooh yeah!!!” says the orangutan. “I'm gonna get some candy corn before the night is through!!!” The creatures split up, going in different directions to get and stash the most candy. Jeff, the orangutan, runs west with thoughts of candy corn powering him on. After a while of running, Jeff sees some bigger houses. He stops and takes a breather. “Oooh yeah!!!!!! That's what I call a run!!!!” 

Jeff walks into one of the houses. To his delight, he sees a king size bag of candy corn. He rips it open and starts munching. As soon as he opens it, a net flies over him. Meanwhile, a little girl is walking up to the caterpillar and yells “SO FLUFFY!” and gives him a hug. This softens his heart and he goes with her to her house. The vulture sees this and decides that he wants his boss back, so he teleports to the Army and gets a bomber. What he did not realize is that the bombs were atomic bombs. He flew to the little girl’s house and exploded the world. The end.

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