“It’s said that the veil between the living and the dead is thin at Halloween. This year seems different as we know now on Halloween our precious veil is getting weaker. This year it might just rip. Monsters will come into our safe world and devour us all! ‘Do Dooooo’  And that was the Channel 3 news. Thanks for watching.” 

“Scarlet, I’m scared.” My twin sister said who was beside me clutching a pillow.

“Mia, you know that there is no need to be scared, we will be safe trick or treating.” I tried to comfort my twin. 

“You are kidding. You think that you are going to be safe out there with your weird crazy friends, your stuped dares and... Oh that was wrong of me. I should not have said that. It is just... I am worried about you. One of these times somebody will end up like Sussen Lee, the girl that disappeared at the party last Halloween.”

“I will never end up like Susen Lee. I will have fun with my friends and you will have fun with Meg.” I said turning off the TV. I went to go call Emmaline, my best friend of all time, when Mia called out.

“Can I come trick or treating with you? I will ask Meg! I just want to spend Halloween with you!” I took this into thought.

“There is no problem with that, so yes. But you know that just because you are coming doesn't mean we aren't doing the scare queen competition, and I have one for the past few years.” I warned her. Mia shrugged. 

“Ya, I know.” she said unworried. Then I took the phone and called Emmaline. 

“Hello, this is Emmaline.” she answered. 

“Hey Emmaline, it’s me Scarlet.” 

“Oh no! I knew this would happen! You broke your leg, so you can’t come trick or treating with me and the other girls. Well, let's see. I will need to call Margret, Alana, Ella, Maggy and I will also need to tell Bella. We will get some candy for you too. Scarlet I am…”

“Emmaline, I didn’t break my leg. If I did I would be in the hospital by now. I was going to ask you if you would be ok if Mia and her friend Meg join us.” I jumped in before she did anything that we would both regret. There was a long uneasy silence. 

“Well, yes I am ok with it but are you sure that they are ready for this?” 

“Of course they are. She asked me if she could. Please, they are ready. We don’t need to scare them or dare them!” After she agreed, I made sure we were still meeting at her house at six thirty. Mia called Meg who must have said yes.

 It was almost six thirty and I was struggling to get on my witch costume. I finally managed to get everything in place. Then rushed down the stairs to where my mom was waiting.

“Ready to go? Mia is outside with Meg.” she told me. My mom would be having fun at Emmaline's house with the other adults as the kids went trick or treating. We got to Emmaline’s house and all the girls were outside waiting for us. 

“Ready everyone?” asked Maggy. 

“Ready!” everyone called back. We set off to the road which was deserted other than all the kids walking around and scaring each other. This was a great night to have fun. Nobody other than your friends would know who you were and everyone looked ridiculous! We were going to get candy, hot cocoa from the fire station and be able to go to the night long dance party in the park. We were finely old enough to go to and all our parents agreed we could. 

Later that night we were heading for the dance. 

“It is said the veil normally let’s one or two monsters lose at the dance. It has happened more frequently every year.” Ella whispered to the group. 

“Oh, what will we do in these costumes? We can’t run anywhere!” Margret worried. 

We entered the park happy to be legally there and not underaged. We were having fun when I heard a ‘POP’ and then suddenly there were wispy ghost fingers on my wrist.

“Help! A ghost has got me!” I screamed. I looked around and saw that it was not a ghost that had gotten me but it was Mia!

“Who’s the scare quean now?” she asked, trying not to laugh. I burst out laughing and all the other girls as well started laughing too. Mia was definitely a good scare queen!'s picture
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