Opal Marian’s Halloween Scare

    It was almost seven thirty and we were just walking out the door to go into town to trick or treat. As we were parking our dark blue van, I heard laughing,a bang on the side of our car and a sound like shhhhhhhhhh. My mom, Harper and my dad, Jesse both looked at each other. They unbuckled themselves and opened the door. They hopped out of the car and I heard my mom gasp. My brother,Eli, my sister,Autumn and I all got out of the van. We all were shocked too. Someone had tagged our car! It said something like THE GANG on it. It was a bit scary. 

    My friend Micah, her little sister Grace and my little sister's friend were waiting for us. As my parents were backing out of the parking lot, Micah and Grace saw our car. They both had their mouths hanging wide open. They asked me what happened to our car. I told them that as we were parking, we assumed a group of teens came and spray painted the side of our car.

    We went to the first house and I got a Snickers bar, Autumn got a little pack of Skittles, Micah got a box of Nerds and Grace got Skittles too. We were on to our fifth house when we got to pick three different kinds of candy. The lady also complimented our costumes. She said she thought that I looked beautiful in my blue greek goddess costume. She also thought that Micah’s purple crayon costume was very interesting. She told Grace and Autumn that their two person unicorn costume was very funny! She laughed at the fact that Autumn was the butt.

Now for our last house! Let’s hope they have the good stuff. We looked at the house and it was very creepy looking. It was made of brick and covered in vines. A big gust of wind came and blew our hair, manes and tails around. We walked up to the door and it opened by itself. It made a loud creek when it swung open. We turned to check the parking lot to see if our parents were there waiting for us. We turned around and a woman who had long black hair, a black and green dress on, and a big floppy black hat was standing in the doorway! Her black cat with yellow eyes jumped out of her arms. It purred as it rubbed its body on our feet and legs. Then the old lady disappeared right in front of us. We ran away screaming and hopped in the car. That was enough trick or treating for this year!

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