Short Scary Stories

The Un-Disappearing  Kid 

If you are wondering why the title is called the Un-Disappearing kid, it is because it is the name of one of the stories. WARNING, the following stories are not for little kids, so do not read this if you are age 5 and under. Or else you will have nightmares for the rest of the year. So have fun, MA HA HA!!! 

Story 1

The Un-Disappearing Kid

So one night some kids were going trick or treating at Burdock Ave and there was a zombie shark. One kid says, “Wow, that looks really real!” But the other kids started disappearing. Soon, it was just him and the other kid after a while. Then, all of a sudden he was in some sort of stomach and then he knew that kid was a real zombie shark!

Story 2

Never Get A Goldfish!

Once a kid wanted a goldfish and his family got him one. Happy story right...wrong! Sure the goldfish had a snail,a little castel, and a lily pad.'s picture
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