Oct 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Dark

Appreciation of the Dark

Shroud my eyes in
Sweet, sweet darkness
So that I can only drink in the stars
And not you

Let me forget for a moment
And let me run from my past
Slipping along the pavement of the skate park
Late at night

Allow me to phase away
Like the moon, and just watch as a ghost
Let me get drunk on the darkness
And hide from my own reality

Please, I'm begging you
Let me pretend like the past week didn't happen
And let me imagine that
You're not so painfully over me as you show

This pain is so hard to bear
But I'm lucky it's dark out
Because I can pretend I don't see
Your beautiful athletic silhouette in the starlight

So I plead with you
Shroud my eyes in sweet darkness
So that I can be blind to you
And cut away the pain