Oct 27
poem challenge: Election 2020
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America’s freedom: The good and the bad

America is the land of the free.
That’s why it’s okay if you don’t agree.
We can be different, you and me,
but America is a place where we’re free to be.

So what is the problem with freedom like this?
Some feel free to hate, and kindness is missed.
People get violent as protesters hiss.
America’s a place where ignorance is bliss.

But we know we’re lucky to make our own choices.
Everyone can vote, and use their voices.
Religion is free, so America rejoices
about America’s freedom that people don’t notice.

So don’t take for granted the freedom we get.
You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to fret.
But remember that kindness is always good –
just ‘cause you can say it doesn’t mean you should.

Freedom is amazing to possess and to hold,
but it’s hard to do good when you aren’t being told.
People are quick to judge and to scold,
but don’t worry, for some have a heart made of gold.