Oct 27
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A Covid Dream

I’m back where I started at the beginning of summer. 

    On a ledge, over a creek

    Wondering how long the drop. 

    Staring out into a wooded glen. 

Wondering how deep the isolation. 
I want you to absorb me. Take my idealized dreams, 

And turn them pastel orange, 

My imagination too. 
How lovely does your music creep, 
Like kisses on a summer eve, 
Or sun upon a grassy mead, 
Into a bloodstream. 
Intoxicate me. 

My heart is filled with need

I’m lonely. 

Make me dizzy with a dream 

As gold and bright as leaves upon an autumn eve. 

‘Till your burs grow tough and stern
And make a fool of me. 
‘Till I can love no more, 
Or your affection has run dry, 

When the cold returns, 
My heart is yours to break. 

    Shatter it. 

Then bring me to the wooded creek  
And tell me again what summer is.