Oct 27

Silver Oak

if i were to die
today or tonight
if my breath were to leave
out of the blue take flight
i wouldn't want you to cry
nor morn in painful silence
but rejoice, for the life I've lived has been splendid
no wooden box should hold me down
no tear sodden soil shall cover me for eons
bone to ash
and ash to wind
among the faded summer memories
and silver oaken leaves
take me away on a breeze
let me fly among the branches of the trees
i love this world to pieces
but someday my pieces will leave it
i do not wish for you to be sad when this happens
simply smile the way you do
and know
that i love you
and always will be singing
by the silver oak tree
don't miss me
ill always be here
in your head
and in your heart
keep me close and don't let my laughter part
from your memories of who i was
and who i may be tomorrow
beneath the silver oak
where souls leave behind their sorrow.