Oct 30
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Last Words from the Human Race

Don’t divide yourselves, you are stronger together rather than as one. 

I think this final sentence would provide insight into both the history of the human race as well as some advice for the future. When looking back on history you can see some of the biggest problems in the word occurred when people, countries, even animals were fighting. It is true that when people find common ground and go out of their way to be united rather than out of their way to be divided, most things that follow are positive. I think that this sentence, now more than ever, is important to remind everyone that we have more similarities than differences, and highlighting our similarities can give everyone strength.  It also gives some great guidance into the future as well. If people started to get along with each other on a multitude of levels the chances of success skyrocket. Overall, the message the human race should leave is one of hope, kindness, and reflection.