Oct 30

The Rules of High School

I thought it would be different for me, I thought I could be stronger.
No, I'm just like everyone else, and we all say high school sucks.
Rule number one: You are freshman, you must move out of peoples way, do no expect them to move.
Two: If you have too much eye contact, its creepy, but if you don't have enough, your up to something.
Number three: It doesn't matter if you have something to add, don't interject into other's conversations.
Three A: On that note, you're gonna get judged if someone finds out your listening to their conversations, even though everyone does it.
Four: People who already have friends probably don't want to talk to you, especially if your unique.
Rule number five: DEAR GOD THAT PERSON IS UNIQUE IT'S SO SCARY!! Yeah, people want you to blend in, not stick out.
Six: Don't be a teacher's pet. Just don't.
Number Seven: Accept that high school sucks.
Eight: Find your group of people and stick with them.

These are the things I am reminded of every day, and every time it happens, there is less hope.