Nov 01

Listen to me

I am living in chittenden county. 
Last month I could say "I'm proud to live here, where we are handling the virus appropriately." 
And now I say, "What? What happened?" 

but I know what happened. 
It has happened before; it will happen again. 

When you put people together, the virus can spread. Measures can be taken to prevent it, but one slip up means it can spread. 
And if it can, it will. It's like a 4 year old confronted with a cookie jar. 

I know you want to be invincible. 
You want people to see that you are brave. 
But really? 
Disobeying the new social construct when it comes to COVID guidelines isn't brave. Admitting that this virus is dangerous is brave. Wearing masks in public shows you care about other people. And we need you to care. More than that, we need you to show that you care.

I'm tired of seeing the numbers rise. But they're not just numbers. They are people.

The world is changing, and our only choice is to change along with it. 
I can change along with it; some might say I already have. 
The real question is, have you?

I have said it before, and I will say it again. 
Wear a mask. 
Wash your hands.
Stay home. 

Shelve your pride and do what's right. And if you need to, ask yourself this:
Which is more important, seeing my friends like everything is normal, or keeping people alive?