Nov 02


Today I feel like a bee.
My clothing matches that,
Yellow shirt
Black skirt and leggings.
But I feel my brain matches that too,
Confused about what to say,
what to do,
just gently buzzing around.
But what is my pollen?
What is the thing I gather for the best of our community?
What tiny piece of the puzzle do I play?
Where do I fit in?
To start, my classmates refer to me as the smart one.
Let me and another kid raise our hands seconds away from seeing the problem.
My sister says I'm a weirdo.
She means it in a rude way.
I interpret that word as a good thing though.
I am the nerd of our family.
Anime fan,
Mini author,
Vampire obbsessor,
But what do those contribute?
How do they help?
Well they may not change our community,
But it does change my family, for I am 1/5 of it.
And I am 1/1 of myself, so isn't that enough?