Nov 02

Car Breakdown

A while ago, a month I think, my car broke down. I was on a freeway, and I was just barely able to pull onto the side. I got out, and waited for a car to stop. I could've sent for a tow truck, but I didn't want to waste the money and I didn't think that I would get any service out there. Anyway, I waited for a car to stop. Oddly, no one did. I thought I saw someone laughing at me, too. After an hour, someone finally stopped. They got out, and before they could say anything, I said, "What were ya doing!? I've been sitting here for an hour!" They looked surprised. "I only just came through and saw you here. Sorry for the long wait though." The next words that came out of my mouth was, "Ya dang right, sorry. You couldn't have come an hour earlier?" Then, they just left. Sped off, leaving me in the dust. Another hour went by until another person stopped. I said, "What were ya doing!? I've been sitting here for two hours!" They looked surprised. "No one stopped here?" My cheeks turn deep red. "Yeah, one person." Their expression turned to concerned. "What happened to them? I don't see them anywhere." I responded, "They left without helping me." They started to get back into their car. "Well they must've had a good reason to." Then they sped off. Finally, I took out my phone and called for a tow.