Getting Ready to Leave The World

I am Jane, an expert of all wilderness. That’s right, I don’t need guides or books, I already know it all. Humanity being moved to Mars for reasons that I don’t know of though, is a different story. I understand why you think I can stay down here on Earth. I mean I have survived in the jungle for a week, explored the Grand Canyon, and made a paper airplane that can fly a mile, but I don’t know if I can do this. 

Thank you for trying to push me to my limits, but I have to say no. You can’t blame me though. I mean how would you feel if your friends were trying to make you stay down on Earth when all of your family is all going to Mars? Not good right. Of course I want to stay down on Earth and I know you think I should stand up for myself. I totally agree with you! I just don’t think I have the guts. Oh no! I just remembered what I promised you guys. I told you I would never stop trying no matter what the task was. Well, I can't break a promise. Let’s do this. I will get my markers and paper and make a big sign. 

Here we go! I think I’m done. Now let’s go outside and tell the world what we think. “Stay down on Earth! Stay down on Earth! Stay down here where there is fresh air and blue sky. Let us stay down here where we belong!” I think I got a few people to start helping me! Nevermind. A lot!!! I think It’s working. Listen, I think I hear an announcement. “We have decided that the only people going to Mars will be the astronauts.” Yes, we did it! We really did it. Now I can add saving the world to my list of cool things that I have done because of you.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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