Nov 05


The first time I saw you
I didn't really see you
hardly even noticed you
my mind busy
with other things
things like
staying six feet away from other people 
how much food we bought
I didn't pay attention to you
the sandy haired boy
working the cash register
on a friday in hannafords

I only found out later
from my mom
that you had seen me
and stopped moving 
only to realize my mom
was watching this 
and started bleeping through our groceries
still sneaking glances at me

long after we left
long after you helped my little sister
buy candy for her friend
long after mom complimented you
Do you know what I did 

when I found out what had happened?

I laughed
to cover up my disappointment

And I regretted it
not noticing you
or looking back at you

The next time I saw you
I was alone
standing under the fluorescent lights
Got sent to the self checkout 
right in front of you
when you saw me
you froze
like a deer
caught in the headlights
Litarally didn't move
not even blink
I held your gaze
warm caramel
against bluegreengreybrownblue
Neither of us moving
until an old lady in your line snapped at you
to hurry up, she didn't have all day
guess she wasn't having the best day
You blushed
and looked down
I paid for my smart food popcorn
collected my receipt
and walked away

I told my friends about you
they tease me
refer to you as H.H
Hannaford Hottie

They don't know