Nov 05

We Need Change Now

We need to change as people, as communities, as a nation, as Earth.
Humanity needs to change for more love, more peace, more acceptance.
We need to stay true to ourselves while being kind.
We need to accept people of all religions, races, genders.
We need to hold the door open in our hearts and in our minds.
We need to stop judging people before we even listen to what they have to say.
We have voices and votes and love to use and we need to use it.
I have to change and so does everyone reading this.
You may think, "I'm not racist, sexist, biased, or judgmental."
You are, we all are, subconsciously, and we need to stop.
We need to not lie to ourselves
Or trick ourselves.
We are not a perfect race.
We are human 
And we need to be the best humans we can be right now
For everyone.