Nov 06
essay challenge: Relocation
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Last Day

Space doesn’t have oceans, mountains, and roads. So if it is the last day on earth I would spend it going to some of my favorite places or places that aren’t in space. The first thing I would do is go and pick up my friends. My friends have been there for me and so if this was my last day on Earth I would spend it with them. After picking them up I would want to go and watch the sun come up at the ocean or beach. Then spend a few hours in the nice warm sand and cool water. Before doing our next task we would have something to eat. Since there isn’t much left food we wouldn’t eat a lot just a quick snack then off to the movies. Some of my best memories with my friends are either at the movies or watching movies at one of their houses. After watching some of our favorite movies we decide to take a drive. Nowhere special. Just down some back roads listening to music and telling stories. Finally to end the day with hiking up a mountain and then sleeping under the stars. Even if this isn’t exactly how I spend my last day on Earth I know that it would be spent with my friends. It would be filled with laughing till we are crying on the floor and stomachs are aching. 

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