Nov 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Tune
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It began the second you left
My demons
Forcing me through the metamorphosis
You had been my last line of defense

I felt the rush in my veins
Blood was turning black
As my darkest desires arose

The shadows spoke to me
Kill them all
They deserve it, don't they?
But a small part of me
Said no

A war broke out
Mentally, of course
I had already lost physically

The wings that grew from my back
The claws that extended from my hands
The teeth that sharpened to a horrifying extent.

I could only fight for some control
As I cannot beat an army alone
But I lost in the end
Without you, I just couldnt.

My eyes went pitch black
And I lost all control
And revenge ran through my head
You forced me through this metamorphosis.
Didn't you?

(Inspired by Metamorphosis by Blue Stahli)