How To Make A Creator Cloak

“Harper!” Grandma called me. 

“What Grandma?” I called back as I thumped down the steps, jumping over the last two as I went into the living room where Grandma sat in the old rocking chair. 

“Why, there you are dear. I was just about to call you again.” She sat up a little straighter in her chair, it creaked and groaned as she changed her position. 

“I was wondering if you were ready to help me begin your creator cloak.” She started organizing the papers that were stacked on a brown coffee table in front of her. Her black glasses shined in the light. She had on her lilac shirt that went nicely with her brown hair that was very slowly going gray. She suddenly jerked her head up to look at me.

“Are you looking at my hair again?” she said while running her hand through her shoulder length hair. I could just barely hear her mutter.

“Oh, I really am getting old.”  To change the subject I said,

“Grandma, how will I help you make a creator cloak, if I don’t know how to?”  I asked. she just chuckled. 

“You do know how! Now start by telling me now, my dear Harper, what in nature do you want in this cloak?” Grandma looked at me with a kind look in her green eyes, they looked like pools of warmth begging me to go in and see the wonders of the world. I closed my eyes and thought of the feeling that I felt when I looked in there, and so I began.

“I want to feel the way the waves lap over my feet as I stand in the ocean waters.” I could hear the click of her needless as she began to knit. I felt my hand touch the arm of the couch and I sat down.  

“Go on dear, I’m ready, let the ideas come.” Grandma said softly. I thought about the softness in her voice. 

“I want to have the feeling of standing in the forest, the canopy of trees laid out above my head and the green tinted light slipping through. The way I feel when I am at the top of a tall mountain looking over the tiny village that I live in, but not only that, I also want to feel the sensation of getting where I was going all the way to the top.” I then heard the final click of the needles and my eyes flew open. 

“Oh Grandma, it is wonderful!” I said staring at the beautiful cloak. It had blue ocean waves lapping at the bottom. When I looked at them I could feel the sand in between my toes. There were mountains stretching up towards the top and I felt excited as though I had just climbed those mountains. Beyond the mountains there was a beautiful forest where I felt safe. It was as though I were in the wild feeling alone, calm and happy.

“You did it dear.” said Grandma, “You always knew how.”'s picture
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