For my dog: 

I got my dog when I was about 5 years old. He was really fun to play with when he was a puppy. When he got older, I started to not only play with him but I then began to train him to shed hunt. Shed hunting is a sport that many people use dogs for. He got pretty good at it and I am still teaching him right now.

For my house:

When I was one years we moved into a new house.. I grew up in this house. We have a pretty backyard and a big front yard filled with flower beds. We have a barn, two horses, two cows, six chickens,one dog,one cat and more. My sister and I ride on two, 4 wheelers next to the big pasture where the cows and horses are grazing. I am thankful for our house.

For family:

I love my family more than anything else. Just like they love me more than anyone else. They gave me a house, a dog, a life, food, a sister and they let me play sports. I'm thankful for this.  I will never forget them. I am thankful for them and for all that I have.

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Chelsey Hook
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