Once upon a time there was a chicken. The chicken's name was George. George was not a normal chicken, considering he had no feathers. George was a middle aged rooster. All he knew about his chickhood was that when he hatched out of his egg, seeking the power of the sun outside, his mother had been killed by a chicken in a long robe. The chicken had burned down their nest, and George's feathers with it. George wanted his revenge, but he couldn’t do it without the thick armor of feathers.

    George had been working on getting his feathers by collecting any feathers of other chickens that had dropped off, and he thought he might have enough now.  Next ,he went to the only place where he held a secret.  George walked into  an old basement, went up a flight of stairs and  flew through a hole in the wall, where he entered a junk room.  There she is.  Wren, the only good human in the world helping George make a chicken costume with feathers.  Of course we can't communicate a lot, so it's a guess that her name is Wren. As I came in, Wren said something that I’m sure was nice, and in turn I  crowed.  

    Wren scooped me up and started putting the chicken costume on me. I trusted Wren so I tried to hold still, although it itched. When I got all the way into it, she  held up a big metal reflective thing, and I saw the transformation.  I used to be  a small rooster whose  wings were like drumsticks and an oversized  comb. Now I am a wonder. My feathers are strong with a mixture of all colored feathers. They were white, brown,  and auburn with specks of gold. The appearance made me look beautiful, like cocoa powder sprinkled on carrot cake. 

Too soon Wren removed the mirror, and  put me down. I walked out the door and watched the faces of other chickens. About a quarter mile ahead of me, I saw one of the chicken coops burst into flames. Memories slashed at my brain, and I realized I had to help  whoever was in there. I raced forward with the sound of screams in my ear holes, and dove through the flame lit door. A small chick was in there, screaming its head off. I grabbed her by the head and ran out the door.  I was relieved to find that no one was hurt. Then the coop exploded.  

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