Nov 14
nonfiction challenge: Grateful
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What I am grateful for

 What Im grateful for

Hello I’m Ava Kulikowski and I’m grateful for,

My family because, they have helped me 

overcome so many fears, 

And they have helped me achieve my goals,

And I thank them because they are the sweetest

And they care for me!.

I am also grateful for my friends because,

They have always been there for me 

And they would always support me 

No matter what I'm going through.

I'm also grateful for a roof over my head…

And I know a lot of people in the world 

who wish they did and it's heartbreaking 

so I'm very grateful.

And I'm grateful to go to a nice school

 and go to nice restaurants

 and wear nice clothes

I am very grateful for my friends and 

family and for everything I have

I know my friends and family would

Do just about anything for me as I would for them

That's what I'm grateful for:)
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