Nov 14

Stake Your Claim

'Open your heart to me'
The words on the oracle card stare back at me
as I sit in deafening silence. 

"My heart is open to you"
I whisper back to the card.

Because it's true,
my heart is open to you.
If I'm being honest,
it has been for a while now. 
When the feelings first came to light,
I brushed them off.
Because I assumed that someone like you could never be interested in someone like me.
I still don't know for sure if I'm reading this situation correctly,
You haven't talked to me,
You can't really.
To many eyes.

Everything I have learned about you
has been through my tarot cards.
And honestly, sometimes
I feel like they are playing a mean trick on me. 
But the cards don't lie.
Only the dealers.

I like to pretend that you don't already know how I feel.
But you probably already know.
You're very observant,
and I'm not the best at hiding my lingering glances. 
If you have noticed,
I thank you for sparing me the mortification of confronting me about it. 

I know what must happen here.
I know that your focus is elsewhere.
I know how this must play out,
and I will gladly wait for you. 
So, if by some chance, 
you're reading this,
I suppose this is my confession if you don't already know.
I like you,
a lot. 
Probably a bit too much, 
but that's okay. 
You're always on my mind.
When I see you,
I struggle to put my thoughts into sentences.
I shake,
a lot. 
I'm like a leaf caught in the breeze. 
When listening to you speak,
I desperately hang onto the crystals that live in my pockets in a last-ditch attempt to keep myself anchored in reality. 

I hope you know,
that my heart is open to you.
All you have to do is come lay your claim.
Come stake your flag in my heart and claim it as yours. 

I will wait for you, 
I'm still so unsure if you want me too.