Nov 16

I’m Sorry I’m Human

Oh look, something else I did wrong.
What next, I wonder?
Maybe say a word to my sister when doing homework?
Is that a sin now?
Or maybe, it’s not that I sinned,
but you thought I sinned?
Apparently, you thinking I didn’t wash my hands
before opening the Amazon box
is a criminal act now.

Ah, there you go again.
I wonder what I did wrong this time.
I’m just gonna play my piano a little louder,
so I can drown out your voice.
That’s a sin, too?

I might as well not do anything,
for everything I do is wrong.
It’s easier that way.
I’m tired of being your lamb to butcher.
So I might as well not go into the butcher’s house.
Hold on.
Not doing anything is a sin as well?

Did you ever think
that I work my ass off every day?
I know what you’re gonna say.
“You don’t push yourself enough.”
Did you ever think that I did try
to follow my plan and write it all down?
I know what you’re gonna say.
“Everyone should do that, it’s not enough.”

Did you every think
that while all my friends are chatting
and playing video games,
I’m memorizing vocabulary,
playing piano and violin,
working on my math and physics?
I know what you’re gonna say.
“That’s what you’re supposed to do,
it’s for your own good.
I don’t even want to do it with you.”

Did you ever think that I have feelings,
and I don’t like being yelled at every hour?
I know what you’re gonna say.
“Who told you to do something wrong?”

I’m sorry I’m not perfect,
I’m sorry I’m not enough,
I’m sorry I can’t get 100 on every test,
I’m sorry I can’t remember everything,
I’m sorry I can’t write everything down,
I’m sorry I forget things,
I’m sorry I’m sometimes
not motivated to do math,
I’m sorry I didn’t do enough Chinese,
I’m sorry I can’t always follow my plan,
I’m sorry I get frustrated,
I’m sorry I get tired,
I’m sorry I honestly don’t really care anymore.
I’m sorry I’m human.
About the Author: Moonsand
“I can’t just say ‘cheer up’ no matter what. But in the midst of all that difficulty, try to find that small happiness.”