Nov 17
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The way we see Sky

Roger: I see Sky every day on my way to school. He walks by himself, but I don’t know where he lives. I never really talk to him, except for one time back in third grade when we were partners in gym class. I guess I remember him pretty well back then. He wasn’t popular, but he was okay. I don’t really think we have anything in common now. I mean he’s apparently some kind of star athlete, but I’ve never seen him play. He’s just always by himself. I don’t know why. It’s kind of weird actually. But I think he’s a good guy,  even though we don’t hangout. I mean I have my own friends you know? I’m sure he’s got his too, even if they don’t go to the same school. He just looks like the kind of person you want to be friends with, even though sometimes when he’s working on a test or something I look over at him and see that his face is all angry. I figure that’s how I usually look. But people know me better now, because I’m not really mean. It’s just my face that looks like it is all the time. So I don’t judge him, I guess.
Mia: Okay, so let me clear something up. Sky isn’t a star athlete. I mean he’s okay, but nothing special. Everyone just assumes he is because of his size. I’m really into sports, so I would know. Anyway, the way I see him it’s like he’s always there. Like we never talk, but wherever I am, he is too. I know that might seem strange, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence. I guess he’s usually alone, but I don’t always pay attention. If I did pay attention though, I’d say that he’s kind of lonely looking. Like maybe someone should just walk over to him and say, “hi how are you?” I would if I knew how, but sometimes I can be shy. Plus I’m new to this school.
Anthony: Sky is my best friend. I’m not even joking. He’s so cool. Well maybe too cool, since he won’t let us hang out together at school. I don’t really get it. I always think we’re having fun when we’re hanging out on the weekends, but maybe that’s just me. We usually go to the park and find some quiet spot to sit and talk. We’re similar in that way because we both like the quiet,  the still, the calm. Actually, come to think of it, maybe it’s not even that personal that he doesn’t want to hangout with me at school. Maybe he just wants to take a minute to himself in between all of the chaos of the crowded hallways. At least I can understand that.
Tom (Mr. Trudge) : Don’t get me wrong, Sky is a good kid. I went to school with his dad. His dad was always his own person, you know? I mean he was kind of quirky, but in that goofy kind of social way that made it cool? Yeah. I think that Sky’s kind of like that too. He seems kind of funny to me, since I’ve seen him do a few silly things in class even though I’m not sure if anyone else noticed. You know, sometimes I think that I can be more observent the kids can! Being a teacher seems to come with an extra set of eyes and ears— Or maybe I just made that up. Anyway, Sky’s grades themselves aren’t all that great as far as I can tell, but being like his father, he probably has more than just grades on his mind. He probably wants to be famous. I can smell it.
Cassie: I knew this was going to come to me eventually…fine, I’ll say something about my brother. If I can say anything about him, it’s that Sky’s a jerk. Okay, maybe not all the time. But today for example, before school, he took my lunch instead of  his because he thought it looked better. I’m younger than him! Plus, I worked hard on my lunch. I deserved to eat it…but it’s whatever, I guess. I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s so generous. He’s not. You know what I think is generous? The sky. To clarify, not my big brother. But the other kind of sky that stretches widely all across the entire planet. That might not make sense to you, but it does to me. Isn’t it weird that we can all look up at it and depending on where we are have a different idea of what it looks like? I guess it depends on perspective, but I’m probably getting off track, since I don’t see what that has to do with my brother.